Saturday, April 25, 2015


APRIL 21, 2015


-              Lunch: Turkey gravy; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              8:30 A.M.:  Singers leave for Seattle; return Thursday night

-              12:10 P.M.:  Track team released, bus leaves at 12:25 for track meet in Davenport; 3:30 start time

-              1:25 P.M.:  Baseball team released for home baseball double header vs. Colfax; game time 3:00

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch: Chicken fried steak; ALTERNATE bread sticks with cheese

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch: Mini corn dogs; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              3:45 to 5:00 P.M.:  WSU volunteer students at Palouse City Library for homework and games

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch: Chili; ALTERNATE sandwich wrap

-              6:00 A.M.:  Bus leaves for FFA livestock judging in Asotin; approx. return 4:00 P.M.

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              7:10 A.M.:  Baseball and softball bus leaves Palouse, leaves Garfield at 7:25, leaves Oakesdale at

                                          7:45 for Pomeroy; double header beginning at 11:00 A.M.

-              7:15 A.M.:  Track bus departs Oakesdale; departs Palouse at 7:50; departs Garfield Post

                                           Office at 8:10; departs Oakesdale at 8:30 for Ritzville

-              8:00 A.M.:  Suburbans leave for FFA livestock judging in St. John; approx. return 2:00

      -              11:00 A.M.:  Track meet in Ritzville 

1……..Class of 2015:  Congratulations to Jacob Arlt, Gabe Cocking and Rachel Nelson ~ Valedictorians; and Libby Akin ~ Salutatorian. 

2. . . . . . .Please excuse the following students TODAY through Thursday to travel to Seattle and sing the National Anthem at the Seattle Mariner’s baseball game:

Libby Akin

Emily Bagott

Emmy Gregg

Payson Griner


 3. . . . . .Please excuse the following track members TODAY at 12:10, bus leaves at 12:25 for Davenport:

Shelby Dillon

Bryan Evans

Chad Hansen

Katie Holbrook

Tuli O’Neill

Cameron Springstead

Levi Teare




4. . . . . . Please release the following baseball players TODAY at 1:25 P.M. to travel Garfield for the home double header beginning at 3:00 vs. Colfax:

Mason Bates

Gabe Cocking

Wyatt Griner

Austin Marotto

KC Mitzimberg

Ian Neibergs

Quentin Neumann

Daniel Orfe

Cole Sanderson

Kaleb Schaub

Seth Thompson

Evan Weagraff

Hunter Woltering



 5. . . . . . .Please excuse all juniors tomorrow and Thursday during 2nd period to take the Smarter Balanced Math test.

 6. . . . . . ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:  ASB elections are quickly approaching.  If you are interested in being a part of next year’s ASB team, please sign up in the office.

7. . . . . . HS Report Cards will be paperless!

As we transition into a more efficient system, we will be capitalizing on our electronic capabilities and going paperless for HS report cards.  Grades will be available for HS students on the school web site under Family Access starting Monday, April 20th!  Students or parents may access grades and print them out at home or here at school.  Thank you!

8. . . . . .Applications are open for Miss Washington Teen USA.  If you are 14 years and older, and would like to apply, see Mrs. Mylett for more information.

9. . . . . .ATTENTION SENIORS:  Please turn your senior pictures and slide show pictures in ASAP.   Deadlines are quickly approaching or have past.  If you have questions, please ask in the office.

10 . . . . . . .The City of Palouse is now accepting applications for lifeguards and a pool manager for the 2015 summer season.  Please contact City Hall at 878-1811 if you are interested.