Wednesday, April 16, 2014



April 15, 2014


-              Lunch:  Turkey gravy; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              1:20 P.M.:  Baseball and softball teams released, busleaves at 1:35 for games in Rosalia

-              4:00P.M.:  Single baseball and softball gamesin Rosalia

-              5:40 P.M.: Activity bus departs Palouse; departs Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch:  Chicken bunwich; ALTERNATE cheese/breadsticks

-              6:00A.M.:  Cyrus O’Leary pies arrive

-              9:35A.M.:  Junior class girls meet in thelibrary

-              11:45A.M.:  FCCLA meeting in Mrs. Jackson’sroom; pizza served

-              11:50P.M.:  Track team leaves for Oakesdale tomeet bus to travel to Dayton; start of meet, 3:30

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity bus departs Palouse; departsGarfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch:  Beef/chicken tacos; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              Elementary andHS libraries closed all day

-              5:00 A.M.:  FFA bus leaves Palouse, leaves Garfield at 5:10 for State Ag Mech in Walla Walla

-              10:30A.M.:  DARE program for 5thgraders

-              3:45 – 5:00P.M.:  WSU volunteer tutors at librarydowntown

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity bus departs Palouse; departsGarfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch:  Fishwich and french fries; ALTERNATE sandwichwrap

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity bus departs Palouse; departsGarfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              7:00 A.M.:  Bus leaves Garfield, bus leaves Palouse at 7:30 with baseball and softball teams

-              10:00 A.M.:  Double header baseball and softball games inAsotin; PLEASE NOTE THE

                                          CHANGEIN START TIME OF GAME


1. . . . . . . Governor Inslee hereby directs thatWashington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities belowered to half-staff at 12:00 noon TODAY through next Tuesday in memory of thevictims of the SR 530 mudslide that occurred on March 22, 2014.


2. . . . . . .ATTENTION STUDENTS AND STAFF:  Both libraries will be closed all day onThursday.  Also, lab 2, high school side,will be closed all day.  You are able touse lab 1, but you must ONLY enter from the hallway.


3. . . . . . .Please excuse the following baseball andsoftball players TODAY at 1:20, busleaves at 1:35 for Rosalia; single games begins at 4:00 P.M.:


Mason Bates

Gabe Cocking

Wyatt Griner

Jesse Lopez

KC Mitzimberg

Ian Neibergs

Quentin Neumann

Cole Sanderson

Hunter Woltering




Kelsey Bielenberg

Bri Brown

Briar Franks

Sammi Johnson

Cassie Martin

Kenzie McClanahan

Chandler Pfaff

Lexi Rodriguez

Ashlee Schaub



4. . . . . . ATTENTION JUNIORS:  Cyrus O’Leary’s pies will arrive tomorrow at6:00 A.M.  Officers (David, Joe, Mitchand Hunter), and anyone else that wants to help, be sure you are at the gym by6:00 A.M. to help organize.  Everyone whosold, please begin arriving at 7:15 A.M. to pick up and deliver your pies.


5. . . . . . All junior class girls please meet in thelibrary tomorrow at 9:35 for a presentation on Royalty and the scholarshipsthat are available to students who participate. This is for both Palouse and Garfield junior girls.


6. . . . . . .ATTENTION FCCLA MEMBERS:  There will be an all chapter FCCLA meeting tomorrowat 11:45 A.M. in Mrs. Jackson’s room. Pizza will be served!


7. . . . . . Please excuse the following track members tomorrowat 11:50 A.M. to travel to Dayton for a 3:30 meet:

Dash Estes

Katie Holbrook

Cruz Meines

Tuli O’Neill

Joey Rogers

Cameron Springstead






8. . . . . . .Please excuse the following students all dayon Thursday for FFA State Ag Mech in Walla Walla:

Jacob Arlt

Gabe Cocking

Mitch Jamison

Noah Rose

Hunter Woltering


9. . . . . . .Congratulations to our track team!  Our Girls have been having tremendous successplacing 2nd as a team in both district meets and 4th/13 in our invitationalthis weekend.  Boys find themselves is a very tough and competitivedivision but still boast strong performances.  

Every individual is working hard to break into the top 8to represent us in the District Championships in May for a chance to reachState (top 3 finishers).  If you see them in the hall…offer someencouragement!