Monday, March 30, 2015


MARCH 24, 2015


-              Lunch: Cherry blossom chicken; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              8:40 A.M.:  Band members leave for HS Large Group Festival in St. John; return at 1:30 P.M.

-              12:15 P.M.:  Baseball players released, suburban leaves at 12:30 for Asotin

-              3:00 P.M.:  Baseball double header vs. Asotin JV in Asotin

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch: Tater tot casserole; ALTERNATE bread sticks with cheese

-              7:00 A.M.:  FFA State Agronomy at WSU

-              12:30 P.M.:  Track students released, bus leaves at 12:45 (bus originates in Oakesdale) for Lapwai

-              3:00 P.M.:  Field events begin, 3:30 track events begin at the track meet at Lapwai HS

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.


-              Lunch: Chicken bunwich; ALTERNATE salad bar

-              11:40 A.M.:  NHS meeting in Mr. Akin’s room

-              3:45 to 5:00 P.M.:  WSU volunteer students at Palouse City Library for homework and games

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.

-              6:00 P.M.:  Boys BB and cheerleader potluck in the cafeteria

-              7:00 P.M.:  Board meeting in Garfield


-              Lunch: Cheese rippers; ALTERNATE sandwich wraps

-              5:40 P.M.:  Activity shuttle departs Palouse; Garfield at 6:00 P.M.

-              7:00 P.M.:  Garfield-Palouse Performing Arts Booster Benefit in the Garfield Cafeteria


-              6:00 A.M.:  Softball bus leaves Palouse, leaves Garfield at 6:40 and Oakesdale at 7:00 for Pasco

-              11:00 A.M.:  Softball double header vs. Tri Cities Prep in Pasco  RESCHEDULED FOR 4/16 

1. . . . . . . .CONGRATULATIONS to the Palouse Area Robotics Team, the SciBorgs, for WINNING the F.I.R.S.T. Central Washington University District Event last weekend.  They will compete in the Pacific Northwest FRC District Championship April 1-4 at Eastern Washington University against 64 of the top teams from Washington and Oregon for a chance to go to the FRC World Championships.   

The P.A.R.T. SciBorgs is a 4-H robotics team open to all Gar-Pal high school students that wish to participate.  Current members are Logan Gorence and David Milano. 

2. . . . . . .Please excuse the following band students TODAY; bus leaves at 8:40 for High School Large Group Festival in St. John, students should be back at 1:30 P.M.:

Emily Bagott

Gabe Cocking

Dash Estes

Bryan Evans

Jackson Gordon

Chad Hansen

Morgan Hobbs

Travis Lawson

Austin Marotto

Rachel Nelson

Daniel Orfe

Steven Peterson

Torii Rogers

Cole Sanderson

Ashley Swall

Joseph Wilcomb

Chris Wilson




3. . . . . . .Please excuse the baseball team TODAY at 12:15, suburban leaves at 12:30 for Asotin:

Mason Bates

Gabe Cocking

Wyatt Griner

Austin Marotto

KC Mitzimberg

Ian Neibergs

Quentin Neumann

Daniel Orfe

Cole Sanderson

Kaleb Schaub

Seth Thompson

Evan Weagraff

Hunter Woltering



4. . . . . . .Please excuse the following students tomorrow for FFA State Agronomy at WSU:

Jacob Arlt

Nathan Aston

Mason Bates

Holly Brown

Mitch Dymkoski

Travis Knauff

Sebastian Mondragon

Lexi Rodriguez



 5. . . . . .Please excuse the following track members tomorrow at 12:30, bus leaves at 12:45 for Lapwai:

Shelby Dillon

Bryan Evans

Chad Hansen

Katie Holbrook

Tuli O’Neill

Cameron Springstead

Levi Teare




 6. . . . . . The Garfield-Palouse Performing Arts Booster Club will be having a benefit on Friday, March 27, at 7:00 P.M. in the Gar-Pal Middle School Cafeteria.  There will be many local talents; middle school, up to adults.  Please come join in a fun night of musical entertainment; dessert will be served.

 7 . . . . . .If you need a ride to the prom, sign up for the rooter bus in the office.  If you have any questions, contact Selena Wagner or Angie Griner.  Information also posted in the hallway.

 8. . . . . . . Prom tickets are now on sale from Jody or Frankie in the business office.  The prom will be Saturday, April 4, from 8:00 to 11:30 P.M. at the SEL Event Center in Pullman.  The cost for a single ticket is $20; couple $35.  Please stop by Jody’s office and add your favorite songs to the list of songs to be played at prom.