Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome to Gar-Pal Transportation Homepage
Angie Griner, Supervisor
You can reach me by email at:
Messages may be left at either school:
Garfield School District - 509-635-1331
Palouse School District - 509-878-1921
If you need immediate assistance please call:



If request form doesn't appear, please email request directly to

Joe Lynd
Joe Lynd - 15 year driver award - June 2010

Why don't all school busses have seat belts. Check the NHTSA website for the answer.

Mechanical Services:
Jason Jahn, Maintenance
Jerry Schwartzman, Mechanic
Angie Griner
Bus Drivers:
James Bielenberg
Bob Brown
Susie Ehresman
Angie Griner
Rebecca Hemphill
Jason Jahn 
Robbie Johnson 
Patty Lange
Corey Laughary
Nick Martinez 
David Pfaff
Marvin Pillers
Brad Rader
Mark Sawyer
Kari Watkins
Phil Weagraff
Mike White
Driver Trainer:
Marvin Pillers 

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